Autumn YogaDANCE in New England

Klimt (

“The most ravishing experience you can have is of the mysterious, of living in consecrated curiosity, with the symphony of the universe playing through you and the still point laying claim to the heart.” 

Jennifer Louden

Fall is associated with the watery, sensual Second Chakra, located in the hip region. This is our center of creativity, and Autumn is the perfect time to rediscover our relationship with the juicy flow of our own lives.

Each YogaDANCE class moves through chakras, from the 1st to the 7th, with music and movement to connect you with these vital energy centers.

On the outside, it looks like a dance party–with a new soundtrack each week to inspire RELEASE in everyBODY (skill & experience irrelevant)–World, Rock, Funk, Classics, Blues & more.

The guidance is simple, the atmosphere low-key, and the energy supportive & FUN.

We warm up the body, we strengthen it, we energize it with 20+minutes of aerobic activity (at our own pace) and then we stretch it and rest it–discovering a depth of presence (and clarity) that is precious in our full lives.

Fall 2012 Session Schedule

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:45 pm thru December 20, 2012.

Marlboro, Vermont

(Classes run for approx. 1 hour and take place in the Outback at Marlboro Elementary School on Rte. 9–just minutes from the Brattleboro area & the Deerfield Valley.)

Session Packages

Dance Both Tuesdays & Thursdays (up to 20 classes) for $150.

(Makeup missed classes by bringing a friend)

Choose Tuesdays or Thursdays (up to 10 classes) for $99.

(Makeup missed classes by bringing a friend or by dancing on alternate night)

(Family/Carpool SAVINGS–Deduct $25 for each additional person–or $50 for the combined Tues/Thur session)

Drop-in Card–5 classes for $60–May be shared among family members

*To find out more about Fall 2012 Session: contact certified Kripalu YogaDance Instructor, Kelly Salasin. 

To read more about YogaDance, click here.

3 thoughts on “Autumn YogaDANCE in New England

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  1. I would sooooooo love to take yoga from you, Kelly. I’ve saved this post in my inbox to try to manifest a way to make it work. LOL! Unfortunately, my husband, Chris, is teaching when you are and it’s not in Marlboro. I trust that someday our paths will cross. Namaste, Jenny


    1. I would love that too, Jeannine!

      Brainstorm: If you have a friend who would also like to dance through fall, you can carpool, and you can let that friend have the carpool discount to herself for driving. (I do have someone driving from Wilmington btw.)


      1. Will brainstorm, Kelly. If there’s ever someone coming to your classes from Whitingham or even Jacksonville, please let me know. Thanks!


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