“How many blogs do you  have?”

This question is as much an accusation as an inquisition. My mother heard the same thing. About children. She had 9. I have 9 too. (Is there birth-control for blogging?)

I discovered blogging in 2009, and couldn’t stop.
Find a niche, they said.
And so I did, and did, and did…

Youngest to oldest:

desk-mackePied Beauty

Kelly and Lila

The Yoga of Lila

Writing through the Chakras

The Motherless Muse

This Vermont Life

The Marriage Journey 

The Empty(ing) Nest Diary 

Two Owls Calling 

Kelly Salasin

Fine, that’s 10, one more than my mother, but the first one is like me, and then the rest are my children.


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