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As a lifelong educator/learner, I’m passionate about self expression–in service. My first incarnation was in the hospitality industry as a manager, followed by two+ decades in and around education. In addition to classroom teacher, mentor, tutor, coordinator & non-profit director, I have served as a life coach, a home & family workshop leader and a group facilitator. At present I’m working on a series of books; earning my Yoga Teacher certification; and working with The Experiment in International Living.

(If you’d like, you can read more about my specific background/training below.)

The following are among my greatest gifts for personal & professional growth:

“Non-violent communication” (NVC)- is the growing foundation of my understanding of the world.  Through NVC, I am able to connect to the “beauty of needs” which serves as a conduit for self-acceptance and peace–and for the realization that strategies, not needs, are in conflict–whether on the world stage or person to person.

Kripalu Yoga and Healing Center in Lenox, Massachusetts I’ve been exploring the benefits of  yoga and meditation for over two decades. In the spring of 2007, I completed Kripalu’s YogaDance Teacher Training Program.  That same year, I returned to Kripalu for the intensive (Igniting Transformation through Coaching) with master coaches Martha Lasley and Richard Michaels. The foundation of this coaching approach is based on an individual’s “wholeness” and on the transformational relationship that occurs between coach and client.   Non-Violent Communication is an integral aspect of this pioneering coaching approach.

Solar Hill Yoga Center I am currently engaged in a year-long 200 hour Yoga Teacher certification with the phenomenal Scott Willis and his Hits the Spot Yoga.

Saint Joseph’s University, Philadephia & University of London, Heythrop College- I completed my undergraduate studies in education, graduating at the top of my class, with an early focus in psychology.  My junior year was spent abroad with extensive travel in Western Europe.  Over the past twenty-five years, I have worked with students from ages 3 to 81+.  Additionally, I’ve served as a mentor, consultant &  community liaison in the field of education.

Management- As the oldest of eight children and dozens of cousins, my life has been defined by leadership. At 19, I took over the management of my uncle’s restaurant–hiring, training and overseeing 50 employees and serving thousands of guests each week. Since then, I have directed a variety of non-profit organizations and programs–working with children, families, elders & communities.  For past few years, I’ve relied upon the pioneering GTD system for work-life management.

Memoir- The challenges of my life have been understood, integrated and illuminated through the process of writing.  I have authored over a hundred stories and published dozens in local, regional and widespread publications.   I am presently working on a series of memoirs.  See the blogroll on the sidebar (or the tabs up top) for links to my writing on parenting, marriage, healing, spirit and community/life in Vermont.

Reading! I come from a long line of mothers and grandmothers whose bedsides were toppling with books.  Non-fiction is my go-to genre, and there is always a new obsession–from life purpose, to love, to spirituality.

Community- I am fortunate to live and participate in a small rural community in Southern Vermont where I had the honor of serving on the “Social Inclusion” Coordinating Group at our local elementary school.  This group worked to foster social well-being through awareness, compassion and action under the guidance of Kim John Payne, author of Simplicity Parenting.

Relationship- I am the blessed mother of 2 teenage sons; and the lucky partner of a loving man for the past 26 years.  (I also boast 7 sisters and a single beloved brother.)

Kelly Salasin

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