a unruly offspring of blogs traversing some of life’s most tenacious themes:

Pied Beauty (since 2016): Conversation of dappled things

70 Dayz (since 2016): A post-election meditation on grief & awakening

Kelly & Lila (since 2015): Nourishing the voice of the global feminine

The Yoga of Lila (since 2014): A single accident. A lifelong meditation

Writing through the Chakras (since 2013): Online journeys for the soul

The Motherless Muse (since 2010): Loss & Healing

This Vermont Life (since 2009): With sand between the toes

The Marriage Journey (since 2009): The deep end

The Empty(ing) Nest Diary (since 2009): Parenting in the sky

Two Owls Calling (since 2009): Communing with the Mystery


Kelly Salasin (the mother blog, 2009): Welcome here.

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