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Current Blogs:

Kelly & Lila (new in 2015): Nourishing the voice of the global feminine

The Yoga of Lila (2014): A single accident. A lifelong mediation.

Writing through the Chakras (since 2013): Online journeys for the soul

The Motherless Muse (since 2010): Writing on loss & healing

This Vermont Life (since 2009): Exploring Life in the Green Mountains

The Marriage Journey (since 2009): Delving into relationship from the deep end

The Empty(ing) Nest Diary (since 2009): Sharing parenting from the sky

Two Owls Calling (since 2009): The awakening into Devotion


One thought on “Home

  1. Hi Kelly,
    I love your writings and share your affinity for water. If you would like to be my guest trying mermaid swimming, please let me know. My school is SelkieMermaid and we teach at the Edge Sports and Fitness pool each Sunday afternoon. We are also opening soon at the pool at Johnson State College in Johnson.


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