Let Your Yoga Dance

“Jubilation” by Barbara Pleason Mueller, All Rights Reserved, 2010

You’re in for a treat the first time you Let Your Yoga Dance!  The music itself will sweep you away!!  An hour+ of  fun will pass by before you realize just how much you’ve MOVED your body.

Let Your Yoga Dance is designed for everyBODY–men, women & youth–skill & experience irrelevant!  There’s nothing to learn or to be good at. Movement is gently-guided and self-led in the moment. If you can take a brisk walk, you can Let Your Yoga Dance.

Certified Kripalu instructor, Kelly Salasin, has led Let Your Yoga Dance classes/retreats & events with hundreds of people of all ages, from 3 months to 80+.  Let Your Yoga Dance builds bodily connection and a deep sense of community–in fitness centers, classrooms, neighborhoods and at all kinds of celebratory occasions.

For a behind the scenes peek at the design of a Let Your Yoga Dance class with chakra aligned music & movement, click here.

For feedback from participants, click here.

To find out more about the philosophy and mission of Let Your Yoga Dance–with director/founder Megha Nancy Buttenheim, click here; or to find an instructor near you, click here.

Kelly has served on staff with Megha, training dozens of new Let Your Yoga Dance instructors to take this work (this divine play!) out into the world.

For more information about current sessions or to schedule a Let Your Yoga Dance event or session near you, contact Kelly.

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