Let Your Yoga Dance

“Jubilation” by Barbara Pleason Mueller, All Rights Reserved, 2010

Let Your Yoga Dance is designed for everyBODY–men, women & youth–skill & experience irrelevant.  There’s nothing to learn or to be good at. Movement is gently-guided and self-led in the moment. If you can take a brisk walk, you can Let Your Yoga Dance.

Let Your Yoga Dance builds bodily connection and a deep sense of community–in fitness centers, classrooms, neighborhoods and at all kinds of celebratory occasions.

You’re in for a treat the first time you Let Your Yoga Dance.  The music itself will sweep you away,and an hour+ of  fun will pass by before you realize just how much you’ve MOVED your body.

In the past decade, I’ve led Let Your Yoga Dance classes/retreats & events with hundreds of people of all ages, from 3 months to 80+. I’ve also assisted teacher trainings with new instructors and mentored new teachers.

For a behind the scenes peek at the design of a Let Your Yoga Dance class with chakra aligned music & movement, click here.

For feedback from participants, click here.

To find out more about the philosophy and mission of Let Your Yoga Dance–with director/founder Megha Nancy Buttenheim, click here; or to find an instructor near you, click here.

For more information about current sessions or to schedule a Let Your Yoga Dance event or session near you, contact me.

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