A Blessing for Autumn (by Loren Cruden)

“Threshold” photo: Kelly Salasin, Marlboro, VT

“Great Mystery,

powers of Autumn,

of Water,

I send a voice in prayer.

I am asking for entrance through the gates of inner knowledge.

I am seeking to cross the realms.

Spirits of the waters,

help me be fluid in consciousness,

to move easily in this work.

I turn toward the setting sun,

in the place between day and night,

asking guidance for intuition.

I pray for the right doors to open,

for the ability to look within

and make good medicine

from what I find there.

I pray that I can grow within this work

and be of service to others.

Powers of twilight,

I walk in your mystery

and open to your gifts.”

from The Spirit of Place– a Workbook for Sacred Alignment (Ceremonies and visiualizations for cultivating your relationship with the Earth) , by Loren Cruden,1995, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont


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