A Blessing for Summer Solstice

from Loren Cruden, author of The Spirit of Place

"Cosmic Sun" Doesburg (visipix.com)jpg

Powers of the South, the Summer, I come to you in prayer

In the midday light without shadow,

I thank you for lessons for growth, passion and relationship.

I pray to be with the sacred fire of the South

in a transformative way.

I ask for courage in this place of action and change;

I ask that my will be guided by right intention

and that my medicine be good

under the bright sun.

Let my idealism come not from self righteousness

or anger,

not from arrogance.

Powers of the South

I pray for the soul’s awakening to love

and for the vigor of youth to be within in my sacred dance.

May I express through every aspect of manifestation

the joy and grace of life’s vitality.

May I fully live!

(To join a 2010 Solstice Morning Dance in Southern, VT, click here.)

A Blessing for Autumn (by Loren Cruden)

“Threshold” photo: Kelly Salasin, Marlboro, VT

“Great Mystery,

powers of Autumn,

of Water,

I send a voice in prayer.

I am asking for entrance through the gates of inner knowledge.

I am seeking to cross the realms.

Spirits of the waters,

help me be fluid in consciousness,

to move easily in this work.

I turn toward the setting sun,

in the place between day and night,

asking guidance for intuition.

I pray for the right doors to open,

for the ability to look within

and make good medicine

from what I find there.

I pray that I can grow within this work

and be of service to others.

Powers of twilight,

I walk in your mystery

and open to your gifts.”

from The Spirit of Place– a Workbook for Sacred Alignment (Ceremonies and visiualizations for cultivating your relationship with the Earth) , by Loren Cruden,1995, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont

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