Life Journey Coaching

“As we write, we are both describing and deciding the direction that our life is taking.”

Julia Cameron

Combining my passion as a memoirist with my insight as a life coach, I’ve developed this unique and evolving “Life Journey” offering. Through interview and reflection, I’ll guide you on a journey that begins at the intersection of your present-day life with the stories of your past. Memories will be tracked to illuminate and empower present-day growth in an experience that is both enjoyable and enlightening.

Currently, the Life Journey contract is offered at $150 which includes up to an hour and a half interview and a personally crafted piece of writing (up to 1500 words.) I generally complete the Life Journey writing piece within a two week period following your interview.

Supporting young and old in the process of harvesting lifes’ stories for personal and public use, Kelly has worked as a free-lance writer for more than a decade with work published locally, regionally and nationally. A “sample” of her personal memoir work can be found at:

A phone/email consultation is offered free of charge (802)254-7724,
References available.

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