Summer Love for Women~2017

Celebrate the expansive energy of the sun
with the cooling & nourishing retreat of these
women’s circles

in Southern Vermont and online
(or by invitation–near you!)

God may be in the details. But the Goddess is in connections.
~Gloria Steinem

Dance where you are. Your song has already been written.

Chakra Dance
a Let Your Yoga Dance women’s circle
in Marlboro, VT
dancing through the body’s energy centers
highlighting each of the 7 chakras
Late July through early September
Thursdays, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Skill & experience irrelevant

“I realize that I don’t know my body very well–and I want to.  This helps. I trust you as a teacher.”

Click here for more voices on dancing through the chakras.

“I’ve learned so much from this woven fabric of feminine voices.”

Writing through the Chakras~Online
a 7 chakra online circle for the soul
Lammas (early August) through Equinox (mid-September)
weekly participation at a time/place that works best for you
(those with & without a writing practice welcome)

“I’ve learned more than I could have imagined, from the process of responding through the Chakras and from each of you and your willingness to share your stories.”

Click here for more voices on Writing through the Chakras.

All the colors I am inside have not been invented yet.
~Shel Silverstein

New Moon Immersion Retreat
Sunday evening, July 23
MacArthur Road, Marlboro, VT
Collage, connection, sacred circle & irreverence.


This circle has been a women’s womb.”

My creative life is my deepest prayer.
~Sue Monk Kidd

Coming this fall 2017
The Artist Way~A Winter Journey
a women’s circle for women with/wanting an artistic practice
MacArthur Road, Marlboro, VT
Contact Kelly


“Thank you for issuing the call that brought us all together. You have a gift for this work. You have held well our various hungers and losses, our deep questionings and celebrations, and you have generously contributed your own.”

Kelly Salasin

So this is where I am, I thought. How surprising.
~Terry Tempest Williams. When Women Were Birds

Kelly Salasin has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Education and is a certified Yoga and Let Your Yoga Dance instructor, as well as a longtime crafter of classes, retreats, workshops, events and journeys–locally, regionally, internationally and online. She regularly assists leading presenters/programs at Kripalu Yoga and Health Center including:

Joan Borysenko, Writing Down the Light and Reigniting the Flame
Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge
Megha Nancy Buttenheim, Director/Founder of Let Your Yoga Dance
Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way
Karen Drucker, A Women’s Spiritual Retreat, Learning How to Love Ourselves
Tama Kieves, Unleash Your Calling, Creating the Work & Life You Love
Dani Shapiro, author of Still Writing, Hour Glass and Devotion
Jean Shinoda Bolen, Artemis, Women’s Circles & the Sacred Feminine
Robert Thurman, Living the Evolutionary Life: Through Death and Beyond

Women’s circles evoke a sense of sisterhood, and also a feeling of being in a maternal space. There is a deep sense of being connected to one another, at an archetypal level.

~Jean Shinoda Bolen


Note: Marlboro, Vermont is located in the southern most part of the state between Brattleboro & Wilmington, VT, with easy access to NH and MA and close “enough” to NY.

*Early-bird discount: Take 10% off when you enroll in any two programs or when you enroll in the New Moon Retreat or the Artist Way Year with a friend. Carpoolers can take 10% off the Chakra Dance Circle.

Contact Kelly for more information or to hold your space in any of the summer 2017 offerings.

I live my life in widening circles
that reach out across the world.
I may not ever complete the last one,
but I give myself to it.


Journey of the Voice~Online Workshops

What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life?

The world would split open.

~Poet, Muriel Rukeyser


Join a small, facilitated writing circle with women around the world..

Flexible on-line scheduling enables participation at your convenience while the nourishing participation of others encourages you to expand and deepen into your own voice as we journey through the chakras.

Writing experience absolutely unnecessary.

Click here for more information

or Contact Kelly:

Social Media & You

“Social media isn’t a fad.  It’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.”

Socialnomics Author, Erik Qualman

Have you noticed that the social media EXPLOSION is transforming “word of mouth” into “world of mouth”?

Statistics back this up:

  • If Facebook were a country it would be the world’s 3rd largest ahead of the US and only behind China & India.
  • Over 50% of the world’s population is under 30-years-old & 96% of them have joined a social network
  • The fastest growing segment on Facebook is 55-65 year-old females
  • Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the U.S.
  • Years to Reach 50 millions Users: Radio (38 Years), TV (13 Years), Internet (4 Years)
  • 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations while only 14% trust advertisements
  • 80% of companies use social media for recruitment
  • Social Media has overtaken porn as the #1 activity on the Web

(Socialnomics author, Erik Qualman; 2010)

Click here for social media coaching/consulting.

Soundtracks for Life (Coaching PLUS)

a  unique and powerful life-coaching offer

coaching + music = transformation


Remember the cassette tape you labored over for days… picking just the right songs to celebrate an occasion or to help a friend through a hard time?

Remember how you listened to the tape that same dear friend carefully made for you–fast forwarding to all the songs you liked–till you wore it out?

Music has always been a powerful tool of presence and transformation for all ages–but often we loose touch with that as we grow older and our lives get more complex.


As a Kripalu-trained YogaDANCE Instructor, I witness the power of music in each class I prepare–moving every-day people to greater levels of self-awareness and expression.  I see tears and laughter and transformation. I hear about work finally envisioned, babies conceived and blockages overcome.

In Soundtracks for Life, I combine my skill in creating powerful soundtracks with my work as a life coach.

In your private half-hour session, you’ll share your hopes, struggles and passion–and I’ll listen closely–reflecting on what it is that would most support you and your goals at this time.

Afterward, I’ll go to work harvesting inspirational sounds from my amazing YogaDANCE library.  Unlike the cassette tapes of your youth, this skillfully selected soundtrack will take you on a journey through the chakras with songs intuited specifically to support you on your path.  And just like your best friend, I’ll take the time to get it right.

For $90, you receive a coaching session–PLUS a 50 minute Soundtrack for Life.

Your life soundtrack is truly a gift that will keep on giving–serving as a powerful fulcrum for awareness, healing and empowerment–(plus it won’t wear out like those old cassette tapes 🙂

Click here to get started or to find out more

S.O.S. for Moms~Save our Summers with Systems of Sanity!

Pull up a chair in this S.O.S. Roundtable for Moms led by life-organizer, Kelly Salasin.

Kelly will guide you in setting intentions for yourself–and your family as she shares her top organizational  systems (aka. “place holders”)–just in time for summer vacation!

Hittorf, Jakob (

Roundtable participants will benefit from the combined wisdom of the fellow moms as well as from Kelly’s systematic & spiritual pursuit of a simpler, saner & sweeter life at home with kids. Click here to find out more about Kelly.

The Systems of Sanity! (SOS) Roundtable is the third in a series of Home & Family Life workshops for moms.  Register now to hold your place :
-Tuesday, June 22, 2010, 6:30-9:00 pm.

Or contact Kelly for more information: 802-254-7724.

Cost is $35 (or $25 each for 2 moms) and includes Kelly’s famous popcorn, collage & membership in “Kelly’s Roundtable” an on-line forum where moms can “gather” for support & inspiration all summer long!

Bring your questions, your challenges & your inspiration as we energize our homes with routines that create more manageability and meaning in our lives with children.

Gatherings take place in Marlboro, VT just minutes from Brattleboro, Wilmington, Newfane & more. Additional information to follow registration.

Kelly Salasin



On the Difference between Facebook & Twitter; and the Vitality of Social Media

The “feel” of Twitter (Renoir/

This quote from author/speaker/teacher Marianne Williamson sums up the greater meaning of the social media explosion around the world for me~ “It is not only our interconnectedness technologically that promises to shift the world we live in, but our interconnectedness humanly and spiritually.”

Erik Qualman, the author of “Socialnomics,” shares a statistic that points to the triumphant human need for “belonging”:  Social Media has overtaken porn as the #1 activity on the Web.

For those doubting the importance of this connection, he also adds, “We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it.”

Aren’t Facebook and Twitter the same kind of thing?

It’s true that Facebook & Twitter ARE both forms of “social media,” but they are used quite differently for different purposes.

10 distinctions between Twitter and Facebook

1. You can only use up to 140 characters on Twitter for each post.

2. You don’t have “friends,” you have “followers.”

3. You can generally “follow” anyone you want without approval.

eg. I follow a mom of 3 in Israel who is a chiropractor.  (As mothers, we both use the “FlyLady” system to maintain household sanity.)

4. Twitter users can check out live conversations on ANY topic by using the search feature.

5. Twitter users can create their own topics of conversation by using a “hashtag” at the end of each post.

eg. On Tuesday mornings I sometimes participate in an informal poetry group by searching the hashtag “#poettues and then using that same hashtag at the end of each of my responding posts.  In this way, the participants posts are grouped together.  (FYI: Tuesday morning’s poetry conversation is moderated by a very friendly poet at Writers Digest–and everyone is welcome–see #10 below.)  Other conversations may occur spontaneously or as scheduled events on Twitter.  I once participated in an “#ideaparty” where folks who studied with author/presenter Barbara Sher’s “Wishcraft” helped those of us in need with all kinds of ideas and connections.

6. While Facebook can be experienced as an ongoing friends & family reunion, Twitter is more like stopping in at a lively cafe, filled with familiar and new faces–talking about new and familiar topics.

7. I primarily use Facebook for more personal connections though  I do share “my work” and I do  “network” with my Facebook “friends”–for personal and business needs–even attracting clients.

The vibrant learning community of Twitter (Canaletto II/

8. Twitter has been a place of networking too–but more with colleagues than with friends and family. It’s also been a tremendous place of learning for me with the latest news from individuals and organizations; and with the latest information– and leads–in each of my areas of interest–from parenting to publishing, and everything in between.

eg. This week, I noticed great tidbits of information (and links) on the topic of social media for authors.  Each of these posts had the same hashtag: “#bea.”  I discovered that #bea stood for BookExpo America so I did a Twitter “search” with that hashtag and followed hundreds of live Tweets from the event in New York City.  From there I was able to add interesting publishers, agents and writers to my list of follows so that I can keep abreast of their work in the future. Additionally, I discovered a related hashtag of “#armchairBEA” which was made up of people like me who couldn’t be at BookExpo America in person, but who wanted to follow and participate in all it had to offer. You probably have a sense already of how quickly learning and networking becomes exponential on Twitter.

A seat for all on Twitter (Steen/

9. Because Twitter has a cafe feeling about it, there’s little if any social responsibility to “show up” or “respond” to others. Many people have hundreds, if not thousands of followers, so expecting a personal response is far fetched.

That said, I have developed treasured friendships on Twitter and have had enjoyed exchanges with well-known authors and the like–which brings me to that which I love most about it:

10. On Twitter, everyone has a seat at the table.  And those who come with the biggest purses (of information and love)–are very, very generous.

Click here to follow me on Twitter.

Hope to see you there!

How FULL is YOUR Plate?

Join the gathering of women as we take a look at the question:

How FULL is YOUR Plate?

This is the second in a series of Home & Family Life Gatherings for Women during which we’ll explore a fun approach to engage your family in the process of noticing what it takes to run a home.

Contribution creates belonging and harmony in the home~ freeing up precious time and energy for other connections.

The  How FULL is YOUR Plate? activity takes a creative look at the distribution of tasks & responsibilities within your household– with the possibility of creating greater contribution and balance.  Tips and techniques for managing the household will be shared~ from the practical to the spiritual.

You’ll benefit from my household (and business) organizational experience as well as each others.  Most of all, you (& your family) will gain awareness and appreciation of each others role in the home. (Note:  The How FULL is YOUR Plate? activity can be applied to businesses too.)

To find out more about my background and offerings, click here or contact me.

To read more on the importance of chores & family participation, click here.

To read about other Home & Family Life offerings, click here or search the “coaching” listing under Writing Topics in the right sidebar.

The Gift of Christmas “Presence”

If we are forever yearning for ‘more,’ we are forever discounting what is offered.” Julia Cameron

You can never get enough of what you don’t really need.” – Stewart Emery

Kelly Salasin

I remember the morning that the Christmas “train” took my son on the journey from innate graciousness to maniacal greed to absolute dissolution.  He was three.

Since becoming parents, neither my husband or I got much sleep on Christmas Eve with the anticipation of our son’s joy.   That first Christmas, he was only a few months old… so it wasn’t exactly what we’d been waiting for.

His second Christmas was much more satisfying–though fleeting.  After unwrapping a handful of presents, our one year old simply refused to look at any more.  He shook his head “No,” to each pushy request from his parents, finally exiting the room to make his point– teaching us about “too much.”

By his third Christmas, however, our two-year old had fully joined the culture of gluttony. He never left the room once until everything was opened, upon which he said very matter of factly, “I want Santa bring more.”

The turning point, from graciousness to greed, came at our son’s fourth Christmas. Like a train wreck, we watched  it unfold right before our eyes.  The morning started out sweet enough, as he played with each “present.”   But soon his pace began to quicken, and he began ripping apart paper without even looking to see from whom the gift came; and then he began opening one after another without taking notice of what was he received.

Ironically,  we had once begged our son to keep opening gifts, while now, we scolded  him to slow down.  But he couldn’t stop himself.  He just kept plowing through the present(s) until there was nothing left– at which point he collapsed into tears, completely unsatisfied with his bounty of gifts.

We” had created a monster!

After that year, we encouraged the relatives to send less– and since that was mostly a hopeless cause– we bought much less ourselves, even re-gifting things from year to year.  That same Santa Moose showed up each Christmas along with holiday themed books, films and toys.

By 5 years old, our son had so many things that there was no need to buy more once our second son came along.   So we kept re-gifting–wrapping up forgotten treasures each Christmas.  Eventually, what was found under the tree was much more of what was needed~ new bed pillows, a ski coat, a sled to replace the broken one. The few toys that our sons did receive were treasured more and more.  Last year’s gift of digital cameras were played with for days on end.

Each year, we reigned Christmas in just a bit more–even cutting back on feasting and celebrations to create the space needed for the feelings we treasured most~ magic and grace and generosity.

But it’s still a slippery slope–for me.  I begin each holiday gently just as my son began that Christmas morning that transformed him from gracious to greedy.  As the weeks progress, I begin to need “more” and anxiety grips my stomach with both desire and fear.  Will I have enough?  How will I pay for it?  Am I missing out on the experience of abundance by not buying?

Soon the addictive aspect of consumerism kicks in and I reach the maniacal turning point of just wanting to shop and spend, spend, spend.

That’s where I found myself last night— coming out of the beverage store with a costly bottle of Baileys Irish Creme. I don’t even drink it anymore, but it was the holidays, and I used to love it, and everyone was buying fancy liquors, and it was the season, and I wanted to be fully part of it–even though I had just bemoaned that that I had just spent most of my budget for the month on fancy foods for the holidays.

I joined the throngs of shoppers at department stores in last minute shopping and filled my cart with things I wanted to give and to get.  I was rapturous with desire, craving the feeling of plenty!

And then I remembered my son.  I recalled how his rapture turned to dissillusionment –and I felt my own within it.  I restrained myself from a big covetous purchase and I returned another.

I began to soften.

I let the need for “more” go… and today, I sink into a slow pace with Christmas carols and cookies and writing about the gift of “presence” that needs—plenty of empty space— to be received.


“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.”~Wayne Dyer

December Delights~ FEELING into the New Year

It’s that time of year again. Who knows what I’ll bring home to today…

One of my favorite December pleasures is the annual selection of a new calendar for my home and desk. I pick up mine the first weekend of the month when the “One and Only Brattleboro” (Vermont) hosts their annual “Holly Days”–with 20% off at each store.

Over time these calendar choices have expressed my greatest passions over the course of my life.   I can look back at my years of Impressionist Art, my years of travel photography, and my years of spiritual teachings–and find something out about myself that is still true.

I use the opportunity of selecting a new calendar to intentionally deepen my attention to what is important to me–and to better define it.

A few years back, my choices dramatically shifted to political and social activism.  That was a demanding year of new edges.  Last year, I swung back at bit toward my personal preference for internal work–with a cultural twist.

The family wall Calender that I chose for 2010 was “Breath of Words~The Arabic Calligraphy of Abd el Malik Nounouhi.” Given the state of world affairs, there seems no better time to develop a continued appreciation and understanding of other cultures and traditions.

My personal desk calendar is entitled, “The Sacred Journey–a daily journal for your soul” which is a thick and lofty book, providing lots of space for guided journaling, as well as calendar notes.

I usually opt for a light and airy day calendar, but I chose this one to better integrate my day-to-day plans with my deepest inner desires.

This calendar provides opening pages to record intentions for the entire year, including: my  heart’s calling, my credo, my service and even my birthday.  Goals are broken down into: creative expression, personal growth, financial, career, physical health and well-being–to name just half of them!

This type of “hawk-eye” view on the year, though time-consuming, is very much in line with my approach toward life:  live it moment to moment, but be intentional about the moments with regular time set aside for short-term and long-term thinking–and feeling–into the year.

Each  month has pages to list goals and record highlights, as well as space for sharing gratitude, affirmation and symbolism.

Each week has a page to record: blessings, gifts and strengths.  I use the latter to record my responses to the Life Organizer, another favorite resource for guiding weekly intentions.

Though I crave variety, and the delight in the annual tradition of choosing something new, this year I’ve decided to use both The Life Organizer and The Sacred Journey Calender again.

My mind is disappointed, but there’s a deeper part of me that knows that these resources are invaluable allies in aligning what I want with what I do as I continue to create my life from the inside out.

May your new year provide the same in every way you choose to claim it!

Kelly Salasin 2009, 2010, 2011

ps. Although I picked up the same personal calendars for 2010, I went out a completely new limb with the family calendar, surprising the whole family by bringing home one with comic strips.

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