A Year of Coaching

“The content of our own lives is the curriculum of our own evolution.” ~Mary Manin Morrissey

November 2008
Dear Friends,

It will be a year since I began my work as a life coach–a role that I find I’ve been cultivating much of my life.

To my delight, my experiences as an educator, mentor and facilitator seem to lend themselves seamlessly to this role, as does my personal practice of yoga and writing. But what astounds me most is how little I actually have to “do” as a coach. (Isn’t that a strange bragging point! 🙂

Certainly my skills at designing systems of organization and productivity benefit others, but mostly I discover that the simple gift of presence and clear reflection is all the fulcrum needed for transformation.

This points to the truth that each of us is our own best expert, and it is the process of coaching that helps bring this expertise into the light. Often, the bold act of commitment in simply scheduling a session sets the process into motion even before the actual meeting… and continues well after our time together is complete.

Earlier this fall, I received an exquisite hand-painted card from a client I saw almost a year ago.  This creative expression was born of our work together and serves as a touchstone for the presence she wants to bring to her role as a mother (as well as a new form of creative expression in her life.)

This week an email arrived from another client thanking me for work that was initiated last spring.  His process of decluttering home/life/thoughts is still bearing ripe fruit, two seasons later.

If this lighted attention would benefit your own journey or that of your family, friends, or clients, please spread the word. Meetings can take place in person, on the phone or on-line with equal success. References are available.

In the Light of Awareness and Thanksgiving,


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