The Season of Advent

Let the preparations begin!

This Vermont Life


from the Latin adventus

meaning “coming”or arrival

especially of something extremely important

In mountain climates like ours, we have no choice but to “prepare” for the upcoming holidays of light given that they serve as the threshold of winter–no matter what our religious affiliation (or lack thereof.)

For New Englanders, it’s time for snow tires and scrapers, woolen socks and mittens, down comforters and flannel sheets, the wood pile and the woodstove, the plow poles and the shovels–and a deeper affection for the summer basil and the berries buried deep in the freezer.

The gardening books are returned to their shelves, and the poetry takes their place on the coffee table. Long neglected novels are unearthed at bedsides, and snuggling “in” supplants late nights at the pond.

All this preparation makes me wonder about those in warmer climates: How do they welcome the Season of Advent?

On this…

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a mid-spring evening for women

Amplifying the awakening of SpRing!

This Vermont Life

with the Pink Full Moon

In Southern, Vermont

Monday, April 30th
6:00 to 8:00 pm
Marlboro, Vermont
(in between Brattleboro & Bennington)

Join a mid-spring evening with women to…

Elevate the human condition.
Retrieve lost aspects of self.
Experience the chakras with music, movement & meditation.
Enjoy a stunningly disguised workout.
Rest, stretch & dance in a safe & welcoming circle of women.
Be yourself.

Sink into 111 minutes of gently-guided flow from the earth to sky led by lifelong educator, yoga & yogadance instructor Kelly Salasin. Experience & skill irrelevant. If you can take a brisk walk and get up from and down to the floor, you’ve got this. Women of all ages welcome. (Youth of a certain age with advance permission.)

Experience the body’s energy centers—from grounding to flowing—from boundaries to open-heartedness—from playful expression and voiced truth to clear seeing—to silent knowing—shaped by an intuitively-crafted soundtrack…

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