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Do you want to expand (or create) your online presence, but feel overwhelmed at the prospect? Do you want to keep it simple and relevant?

As a lifelong educator and avid writer/blogger, I’m passionate about empowering others with their work in the world, and I’ve put together a few packages based on the  networking needs that most small organizations/creative types express:

Start-up $222.22

(for those who are just getting going on the web or want to expand their presence there)

3+ hours of support to work together to create an online platform for your work (eg. website/blog, facebook business page, twitter account)

Targeted Support $123.45

(for those who need specific support with the use of social media; great for personal uses too)

90+ minutes of support in a targeted area of need

Social Media Round Table $77.77

(for those who like to learn within a group)

up to 180 minutes of general social media support in a group setting (min. 3 participants; max. 6.) Gather 3 friends who pre-pay and you’re free.

Combination Package $333.33

(for those who are ready to DIVE in)

Start up Support and follow up Targeted Support (5+ hours) to get a website/blog and social media going for your work in the world.

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Click here for a post from my archives, differentiating Twitter from Facebook.


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