Sarah Palin & me

Imagine my liberal surprise when I discovered that the latest reader on my blog was referred by the site: the Sarah Palin Information Blog.

My curiosity tossed caution aside, and I ventured over to “the other side,” to see what was what.

Oh…  it was just another Word Press Blog that was automatically–though unintentionally–linked to one of my  WP posts because of similar content:  Health Care–albeit with opposing views.

I quickly left that glowing red site for more familiar tones, but then felt compelled to return to the logic of “their” argument.

And that’s all I found:

logic and argument.

It was sound and sturdy, but had no heart.

As a Magna Cum Laude graduate myself, I know how to argue, but as a 45 year old mother, I choose to rely on my heart– and my heart knows this:

The time has come for us to act more fully on behalf of others–not because it makes a better bottom line or because it offers the best argument of its time, but because there is heart in it.  It comes from the RIGHT place.

Health care isn’t a Republican issue or a Democrat issue or even an Obama issue, it is a human rights issue– and there’s nothing human or “right”  in Sarah Palin’s rebuke of health care for all.

Kelly Salasin

To read, Sarah Palin and Me, Part II (who knew there would be a part two!), click here.



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2 responses to “Sarah Palin & me”

  1. Elise Todd Avatar
    Elise Todd

    Healthcare for all cannot be rebuked. However, a country unable to hire willing employees because the government is worried about going bankrupt and taxes the heck out of those that create jobs is also unethical. What’s the real answer? I believe it is self reliance and hard work. We don’t have people in this country going without healthcare. That is a big liberal lie. A large portion of the uninsured are not insured by choice. Forcing our citizens to buy health insurance is yet another way for the federal government to steal or freedom.


  2. Beth Weissman Avatar
    Beth Weissman

    How right you are that health care is a human right. Strange that so many miss this point!


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