To the Editor

March 2009

Brattleboro Reformer

Prioritizing the economy, Governor Douglas say that this is not the time for a “divisive” debate around marriage rights.  That struck a chord with me and it was sharp. Division doesn’t come from debate, it comes from what’s inside.  Like the emperor’s new clothes, something is wrong whether we look at it or not. The time HAS come. The time IS now.  I have compassion for those who fear for the sanctity of marriage.  I have celebrated 19 years myself and sometimes feel like a sitting duck.  Christian, pagan, agnostic, Jew- each of us threatens it with our own separation, fear, and infidelity.  And I have great respect for “family” where so much is lost through neglect and abuse- whether progressive or fundamentalist.  So if it is marriage and family that you wish to protect, take a look at the soil beneath your home and test the waters of your own relationships.  We will we truly uphold the sanctity of living when we extend the rights to those who choose to celebrate the same.  Our neighbors in Maine are “sharing” the way.

Kelly Salasin, Marlboro, VT.

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