Annoying Bird Calls (or what kind of mom are you?)

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3 thoughts on “Annoying Bird Calls (or what kind of mom are you?)

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  1. Thanks for the cameo, Kelly! For the record, I happen to think that robin songs are very pretty (they should be, as they are in the thrush family). I imagine that thrush songs sound just as repetitive to thrush chicks, but in an irresistibly attractive way, like top 40 hits.


      1. We should sit together in your yard sometime so we can determine if you have a hermit thrush (my favorite, probably your stirring cello) or a wood thrush (also very pretty) or even a veery (yes, also pretty). There was a thrush we heard in Costa Rica that sounded like a combination between a hermit thrush and a very squeaky door, if you can imagine that.

        I enjoy your site, and your musings. How often do you get to post stuff? You can see my much less ambitious attempt, on behalf of Marlboro College, to document the day-to-day life on campus, here:


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