The Promise of Spring by Kelly Salasin

Betwixt and between

winter and spring

snow and soil

Heavy waters travel the stream bed

birthing winter’s load

Serpentine path through pond ice

widening each day

Frosty breezes cross the mud, called road

fresh as laundry on the line

Sunlit yard all toasted coconut

dolloped with mallow still

What magics keeps snow under such a sky?

Vernal pools


Palette of bird calls


Misty cool dawn

of departure

and arrival

Promising change

March Mythology by Kelly Salasin

The bright spring sun has melted all but the edges of snow outlining the yard              where last summer’s grasses      step toe-to-toe      with the dark woods                 in a tango

of seasons

The snow there is just a sliver of moon

on a bed of hay-

and my eyes so accustomed to all things “white”

turn the trunks of neighboring birches into funnels

for Winter’s exit

Stage Left




3/31/09  marlboro, vt

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