Praise for Let Your Yoga Dance!

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The music ROCKS!

OMG! I can’t believe how much fun I’ve been missing!

I love it!!! Every time!!

It’s more than a workout–it’s spiritual grounding and a chance to experience true freedom. It’s exactly what you need each and every moment.

My body feels good!

I feel lighter and uplifted!

I love feeling the music through my body.

It was easy to be free.  I remembered that I love to exercise.  I remembered that I do have flexibility.  I moved within and out.

I liked how the class flowed– how we had time to move to ourselves and with  others.

I find myself dancing and moving more throughout the week.

I have been feeling more in touch with my body’s needs as far as stretching, flexibility, mindfullness, and self-appreciation.

Let Your Yoga Dance helps me to come back into myself. Since I spend a lot of time leading other people and directing activities, I really appreciate the chance to support my very important intention of settling into myself.

Very relaxing, very healing, very conducive to epiphany.

Let Your Yoga Dance is so much fun!

I liked the good balance between inner focus and outer focus — dancing with self and others…

I love dancing as exercise. I love the playful aspects of the class. I love the idea of combining yoga and movement.

It got me moving at a time that I needed something playful and meditative. It’s a nice balance between yoga and dance.

I love yoga poses and support from others. I love being aware of my chakras as I dance and move; I feel more in touch with my body. I come away feeling more awake, more alive, more available to take the day in.

I really enjoyed the class and felt that everyone was
very open.  The connection to spirit and growth through
music, lyrics and playful ritual is a natural place for me.” JP, 46, elementary teacher

Let Your Yoga Dance gives me a fun and focused cardio workout that includes my favorite activities – dancing and yoga!

I like being free and spontaneous with movement and my body. I try to be not self conscious which feels great!

It’s a fun way to get excercise, and I also appreciate the spiritual aspect and the way it brings people together.

Super music!

I love dancing with other people– and I love the space to do what felt comfortable for me.

At first I felt awkward, but as the group came together, I felt grounded and relaxed.  It was so satisfying to be accepted with whatever I did.

I feel strong and blessed afterwards.

My heart says THANK YOU!

For information about classes, contact Kelly.

Kudos for Kelly, click here.

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