The Kuan Yin Series

Solstice class (6/21) open to drop-ins by donation!

Southern Vermont Kripalu YogaDance presents~

the Kuan Yin “Awakening the Heart”  Series for Women

beginning the day after Mothers Day

detail, Songs of Kuan Yin soundtrack, Sounds True

Create an OASIS in your week with Kripalu YogaDANCE (KYD)~ in an hour that will Soothe sadness, Lighten overwhelment & Amplify Self-LOVE, Clarity & Possibility!

The Kuan Yin Series meets Mondays at 8:45 am, May 10 through June 21~with the gift of an extended class on the Summer Solstice (6/21~the day after Father’s Day.)

Each of the 7 classes in this 7 chakra series richly explores a corresponding  chakra, beginning with the first chakra at the the 1st class and ending with the seventh chakra at the 7th class.

During this hour together, the gift of MUSIC will lead you on a nourishing journey of  MOVEment (INside & out) through the chakras. Skill & experience is DELIGHTFULLY irrelevant! (There’s simply nothing to be “good at” or “better at” in Kelly’s KYD classes.)

"Jubilation" by Barbara Pleason Mueller, All RIghts Reserved, 2010

Reserve your spot now: $49~7 classes, 7 chakras, 7 dollars each.

Classes meet in the Outback at Marlboro Elementary School on Route 9 in Marlboro, just minutes from Brattleboro, Wilmington & surrounding towns. Movement is done barefoot (or with clean non-marking soles–like sneakers.) Dress is “comfortable.” Mats are available.  Bring your water bottle to stay hydrated!

Kripalu YogaDance~take fitness to new levels~inside & out!

For more information about YogaDance & Kripalu certified instructor, Kelly Salasin, click here.

In the legend of Kuan Yin, the ascended bodhisattva turns away from the gates of Nirvana in order to stay in the world until all beings are free from suffering.” from Songs of Kuan Yin, heart-opening music to invoke the Divine Feminine

“All of life is prayer.”

Beltane Bliss!

“Learn to step lightly from one miracle to the next.” SARK

Friedrich/detail (

Do you long for a few hours of escape?

~A mini-vacation within your hurried life?

~A chance to “tune in” instead of “tune out”?

~A place to honor yourself for the gifts you give?

Join us for~

“Beltane Bliss”

a Morning Retreat for Women

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Klimt (

in the Green Mountains of Southern Vermont

Hodler/detail (

Beltane Bliss Preview~

We’ll open our circle on this the cross-quarter day between Equinox & Solstice with a meditative stroll on the wooded paths behind the Meetinghouse, seeking signs of fertility on the earth– and in our lives–opening the heart of our time together.

During this morning retreat for women of all ages, we’ll unfold our bodies & our lives through the chakras~ with great music, fun movement & simple meditation.

With the heart-opening sounds of Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion, we’ll bless the “mothers” who came before us–and those among us–for the creative gifts we share with the world.

"Spring"/detail, Howard Pyle

We’ll leave REFRESHED from the WELL SPRINGS of our being–and depart READY to fertilize more of life’s dreams!

Afterward, those who like can gather in the town park just across the way to watch the Morris Dancers bless the Earth for May Day.  Bring a blanket & a picnic lunch! Meet your family/friends there.

Spring Equinox Retreat Participants have this to say about the gathering that took place in March:

“Beautifully planned.”

“The introduction to chakras has opened a new doorway for me.”

” I love ritual & the power of inspired women.”

The Chakra Egg (created by KYD Equinox Retreat Participants) photo Lloyd Salasin-Deane)

“I was ready to open my heart — to try something new.”

“I love moving with the scarves.”

“I AM rejuvenated!”

“I’ve already recommended it others!”

Beltane Bliss Details:

Buchser/detail (

The Beltane Bliss Retreat takes place on Saturday, May 1st, from 9:00 am- 12:30 pm at the lovely Meetinghouse in Marlboro, VT (just minutes from Brattleboro & Wilmington) and nearby NH and MA.

Registration is $35/$45 at the door (if space available.)

Lifelong educator, author, life coach & Kripalu YogaDance instructor Kelly Salasin is honored to lead this morning retreat for women of all ages.  For more information about Kelly, click here or to see more comments about Kelly’s leading & YogaDance classes click here.

detail, Songs of Kuan Yin soundtrack, Sounds True

Combine this retreat with the Monday morning Kuan Yin YogaDance Series for Women (May 10-June 21) for only $75 (includes 7 week YogaDance session and the Beltane Retreat)~a blessed combination to honor mothers.

Click here to contact Kelly to enroll or for more info.

There are a number of accommodations in Marlboro and in nearby Brattleboro.  The Whetstone Inn is right next door to the Meetinghouse in Marlboro where our event will take place.  I hear Jean’s breakfasts are wonderful!  It always smells so good inside!

Dusting Dead Relatives

Kelly Salasin

All Souls Day, 2008

After spending the past six months “on hold” while the Universe dilly-dallied around our needs, I’m taking a decidedly religious approach to my husband’s extended unemployment.

I’m uncertain as to whether this tack indicates a regression or progression in my spiritual development. Results will tell or perhaps desperate times simply demand desperate measures.

In the meantime, I’ve dusted off my late grandmother’s statue of the Blessed Virgin and unearthed the “Hail Mary’s” recited at my Catholic high school. And although I can’t remember exactly how to use them, I’ve unpacked the rosary beads passed down by my husband’s Polish grandmother.

I’ve also taken to dusting off all the dead relatives– the photos of them that is. I’ve lined them up on the shelf above the stairway as a place of honor to beseech them for any assistance they might lend from the other side.

My bedroom “altar” beholds a potluck of devotion: tall strawberry-blonde Mary draped in blue robes towers over my peacefully seated, full-bodied goddess, Kuan Yin, purchased at the Food Co-op. On the other side is a sculpture of a woman in a bathtub, reminding me of the divine act of self-nurturing.

I’m not above adding a lucky rabbit’s foot although I imagine that is no longer PC. I’ve re-opened my late mother’s Contact Your Angel guide insisting my husband meditate with the angel of his choice.

We’ve made it this far without bellying up, but yesterday we had to face the reality that a job that pays our bills in the way we’re used to paying them may not be coming. We’ve  buckled down and began the daunting task of whittling down a budget that had just begun to get some breathing room.

Things are about to get a lot harder… that is unless Mother Mary and the dead relatives have something to say about it.

Until then,

Hail Mary, full of grace

(authors note: My husband did get a job– 3 months later.  He still has it.)

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