a yoga invitation

Firebird by Holly Sierra

Dear Friends,

In the New Year, I will begin offering yoga classes in Marlboro (Vermont), most likely at the Meetinghouse School.  This first effort will be short, small and women-ly 🙂  Maybe 8 participants for 8 weeks.  Dates, day & time to be determined; and this startup session offered by donation.

In large part, I’ll be exploring/playing with my teaching style/voice/format. Asana (yoga postures) will be integral, but with a focus on “consciousness” more than “form.”  Readings, poetry, music, journaling, sharing, meditation, breathwork and mantra will most likely find their way into our time together. Because of my preference and bodily mechanics, the physical demands and instruction will be relatively gentle (to moderate.)

If you are new to yoga, we will be learning from each other. If you are an experienced yogini, this will be a session of deepening awareness. If you are mainly interested in the physical benefits of the practice, this may not be a fit for you; though you may be surprised at how intentions open and expand. My ultimate desire is that we form a “sangha” (a community of life travelers) who lightly support and allow each other–to be.

If this initial invitation resonates with you, please let me know, and I’ll keep you on a notification list.


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