Ode to the mat

“There is no joy without gratitude.”
~Brené Brown

I’m not sure whose praises to sing first. My own for getting up early to drive Casey to work so that I could squeeze in a morning class in this very full day. My teacher for his faithfulness to the practice over a lifetime and the deep well from which he leads with humility and humor and grace. The ancient practitioners who created this union, this yoking–of body/mind/spirit–that we call yoga. This miracle of a body inside which an unfathomable web of communication happens on my behalf–with each breath, each movement, each prayer & intention. The bodies of the women in front of me in class, ten, twenty years my senior, shapely and supple, returning to the mat after each loss and surgery and every weekend indulgence. The blooming of the first tulips which I overlooked on my way into the studio.

(Shout out to Scott Willis at Hits The Spot Yoga at Solar Hill.)

Early-spring 2019

Note: Although this was my very first blog, I rarely post here unless a piece of writing can’t find a home in one of these blog “offspring” where I attend, like one might to children, more frequently…

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Dance Toward the Longest Night

“The connections between and among women are the most feared, the most problematic and the most potentially transforming on the planet.”
~ Adrienne Rich

The days are shrinking.
The nights are growing longer.
The time to cultivate the light is upon us.
Poetry. Laughter. Communion.
A resilient heart.
Silence. Prayer. Surrender.

It’s all there in the dance.

Each gathering is delicately crafted through the chakras to nourish body, mind & soul—within a wide-range of music, gently-guided movement & meditative play.

A dance party. An exercise class. A women’s gathering. A personal pilgrimage.
Find what you need. Help shape it with others.

This unique & alchemical practice (requiring absolutely no skill or experience) lends greater wellbeing & joy in your day to day, particularly as our days shorten.

Opening at the end of October when the dark of the moon is upon us
and continuing into December as the full moon lights our way to the Winter Solstice…

These 75+ minute gatherings for women are held in the community space
at Marlboro Elementary School on Route 9 in Marlboro VT.

Dance barefoot. Dress to move. Bring a mat (or mat substitute.)

Tuesdays 5:30 pm, October 25th through December 20th, 2016.

Facilitator Kelly Salasin is a certified Let Your Yoga Dance & Yoga instructor who regularly assists leading presenters, retreats & trainings at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

Full Session: $99.99 (pro-rated for newcomers if you sign up after session begins.)
Drop-in: $21 (as space allows, by reservation)
Drop-in rate can be applied to discounted session enrollment/pro-rated for the remainder of classes.


Or Contact Kelly for more information:

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