S.O.S. for Moms~Save our Summers with Systems of Sanity!

Pull up a chair in this S.O.S. Roundtable for Moms led by life-organizer, Kelly Salasin.

Kelly will guide you in setting intentions for yourself–and your family as she shares her top organizational  systems (aka. “place holders”)–just in time for summer vacation!

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Roundtable participants will benefit from the combined wisdom of the fellow moms as well as from Kelly’s systematic & spiritual pursuit of a simpler, saner & sweeter life at home with kids. Click here to find out more about Kelly.

The Systems of Sanity! (SOS) Roundtable is the third in a series of Home & Family Life workshops for moms.  Register now to hold your place :
-Tuesday, June 22, 2010, 6:30-9:00 pm.

Or contact Kelly for more information: 802-254-7724.

Cost is $35 (or $25 each for 2 moms) and includes Kelly’s famous popcorn, collage & membership in “Kelly’s Roundtable” an on-line forum where moms can “gather” for support & inspiration all summer long!

Bring your questions, your challenges & your inspiration as we energize our homes with routines that create more manageability and meaning in our lives with children.

Gatherings take place in Marlboro, VT just minutes from Brattleboro, Wilmington, Newfane & more. Additional information to follow registration.

Kelly Salasin



How FULL is YOUR Plate?

Join the gathering of women as we take a look at the question:

How FULL is YOUR Plate?

This is the second in a series of Home & Family Life Gatherings for Women during which we’ll explore a fun approach to engage your family in the process of noticing what it takes to run a home.

Contribution creates belonging and harmony in the home~ freeing up precious time and energy for other connections.

The  How FULL is YOUR Plate? activity takes a creative look at the distribution of tasks & responsibilities within your household– with the possibility of creating greater contribution and balance.  Tips and techniques for managing the household will be shared~ from the practical to the spiritual.

You’ll benefit from my household (and business) organizational experience as well as each others.  Most of all, you (& your family) will gain awareness and appreciation of each others role in the home. (Note:  The How FULL is YOUR Plate? activity can be applied to businesses too.)

To find out more about my background and offerings, click here or contact me.

To read more on the importance of chores & family participation, click here.

To read about other Home & Family Life offerings, click here or search the “coaching” listing under Writing Topics in the right sidebar.

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