December Delights~ FEELING into the New Year

It’s that time of year again. Who knows what I’ll bring home to today…

One of my favorite December pleasures is the annual selection of a new calendar for my home and desk. I pick up mine the first weekend of the month when the “One and Only Brattleboro” (Vermont) hosts their annual “Holly Days”–with 20% off at each store.

Over time these calendar choices have expressed my greatest passions over the course of my life.   I can look back at my years of Impressionist Art, my years of travel photography, and my years of spiritual teachings–and find something out about myself that is still true.

I use the opportunity of selecting a new calendar to intentionally deepen my attention to what is important to me–and to better define it.

A few years back, my choices dramatically shifted to political and social activism.  That was a demanding year of new edges.  Last year, I swung back at bit toward my personal preference for internal work–with a cultural twist.

The family wall Calender that I chose for 2010 was “Breath of Words~The Arabic Calligraphy of Abd el Malik Nounouhi.” Given the state of world affairs, there seems no better time to develop a continued appreciation and understanding of other cultures and traditions.

My personal desk calendar is entitled, “The Sacred Journey–a daily journal for your soul” which is a thick and lofty book, providing lots of space for guided journaling, as well as calendar notes.

I usually opt for a light and airy day calendar, but I chose this one to better integrate my day-to-day plans with my deepest inner desires.

This calendar provides opening pages to record intentions for the entire year, including: my  heart’s calling, my credo, my service and even my birthday.  Goals are broken down into: creative expression, personal growth, financial, career, physical health and well-being–to name just half of them!

This type of “hawk-eye” view on the year, though time-consuming, is very much in line with my approach toward life:  live it moment to moment, but be intentional about the moments with regular time set aside for short-term and long-term thinking–and feeling–into the year.

Each  month has pages to list goals and record highlights, as well as space for sharing gratitude, affirmation and symbolism.

Each week has a page to record: blessings, gifts and strengths.  I use the latter to record my responses to the Life Organizer, another favorite resource for guiding weekly intentions.

Though I crave variety, and the delight in the annual tradition of choosing something new, this year I’ve decided to use both The Life Organizer and The Sacred Journey Calender again.

My mind is disappointed, but there’s a deeper part of me that knows that these resources are invaluable allies in aligning what I want with what I do as I continue to create my life from the inside out.

May your new year provide the same in every way you choose to claim it!

Kelly Salasin 2009, 2010, 2011

ps. Although I picked up the same personal calendars for 2010, I went out a completely new limb with the family calendar, surprising the whole family by bringing home one with comic strips.

Mothers in ACTION!

Dear Women Warriors,

One of the rituals I delight in most is my annual selection of a new calender. As computer oriented as I am, I’m still in love with all things paper.
Over time, my calenders have represented the emerging aspects of self… from Impressionists to National Geographic to Thich Nhat Hanh to Rumi.

This year’s choice represents a shift from art and spirit toward politics and activism. The family wall calender is titled “Barack Obama, Words of Hope and Inspiration,” and includes quotes from leaders over the ages as well as milestones in our the history of our beloved nation.

My personal engagement calender, “The Moment“, is from a group called MAU, Mothers Acting Up. Though it failed to meet much of my practical needs in terms of features, the spirit of it captured my heart. It’s title page reads,

This calender is your personal invitation to include advocacy for the world’s children as an essential component of your mothering roles.

If that didn’t get me, the next page’s manifesto brought it home:

We realize that we live in a world that does not prioritize or protect our children’s wellbeing and that this will not change without each of us finding the courage and commitment to speak out on their behalf. By mobilizing our gigantic political strength, we can ensure the health, education, and safety of every child, not just a priveleged few. Let us:
WHISPER this to each other;
SING it out on the streets;
YELL it from the rooftops;
DECLARE it in our houses of government-
We will protect our children with our personal and political strength, wherever they live on earth!

This is our Moment. This is YOUR Moment.

Each week features a profile of a visionary and includes a corresponding “Take Action” box. This week’s action is to tell three friends about MAU, and to share my vision for the world’s children in honor of International Women’s Day this Sunday. Hence this posting to you!

Having just finished viewing the absolutely fabulous, can’t recommend it highly enough (if everyone hasn’t already seen it)- “SICKO” (about health care issues in the US),
I’d have to say that my vision is that we provide health care and family support for all in this country and that we get our butt in gear in taking care of the world’s children.
Everything I reads says we are capable of this NOW. I’m so encouraged to hear that there is movement taking place in Washington too.

I’m not entirely sure of my role in this vision which is why this calender comes in handy as I seek to define my participation.  In honor of International Women’s Day, I celebrate each of you in the process.

How timely that Sunday is the day that we set the clocks forward, bringing more light into each day!!! It’s also my neice Brielle’s 18th (?) birthday and my new neice Susannah’s “due date”. The themes of “coming of age” and “new birth” are welcome ones indeed!

Kelly Salasin

“It is this open and tender heart
that has the capacity to transform the world.

Lama Chogyam Trungpa

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