The Yoga of Coaching

“Can you remember what it was like to walk in the midst of a world of miracles? Can you remember ever traveling within a world of pure delight…? Yoga is often called “the path of return” — a return to our true home, which we eventually come to see was never really lost.”

(Frank Jude Boccio, Mindfulness Yoga)

As a coach, my approach is aligned with this sense of “claiming” that which was never truly lost. With this at heart, I hold the client beside me as “whole”–not someone who needs “fixing”–but as one who seeks support at claiming his wholeness in self expression.

I encourage clients to begin to find what they want in the present moment rather than continue to see it as something ahead of them. I offer concrete, practical support–as much as needed–while all the time tapping the undercurrent of one’s deepest desires.

Ultimately, what we are looking to is the deepest connection within ourselves.” ~Shakti Gawain

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