“The privilege of a lifetime is

being who you are.”

~Joseph Campbell

Klimt (

Coaching is a natural outflow of my lifelong work as an educator and director/manager. In the past years, I’ve supported individuals. ages 18 to 80, in claiming more of what they want out of their lives. I’ve also supported families and groups with their own particular challenges and desires.

The current session rate is $99.99.
In person sessions run 75+ minutes.
Phone/audio sessions run 55+ minutes.
Payment is in advance by check or cash.

Click here for the “Yoga” of  Coaching.

Click here to understand the essence of coaching as I experience it with clients.

Peek behind the scenes with my coaching approach in a reflection I wrote in my first year–or check out my background and education.

For more information and for Home & Family Life Coaching Workshops, see the sidebar under “Coaching” or take a look at scroll down menu of writing topics.

Click here to contact me.

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